Once opened do I have to keep it in the fridge?

As Walders has no dairy or milk you dont need to keep in the fridge. Just as room temperature is sufficient but we strongly recommend to drink Walders swirled with ice.

What is the shelf life once opened?

Walders is best consumed within 6 months after opening

How many points is Walders on the Weight Watcher plan?

Walders has been calculated at 1 point for 25ml serving measure.

Is Walders Parve and OU certified?

Yes it is

Can I put Walders in hot drinks?

Yes, you can put Walders in your hot coffee or chocolate.

I’m lactose intolerant, would I be ok to drink Walders?

Yes, Walders has been formulated with a minimal risk to allergy sufferers. Walders is free of milk proteins, lactose and contains no sulphites. It is also nut and soya free, however it does contain Ovum