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Hackney Carriage

Glass Tall Shot Ingredients 16.6ml Walders Creamy Liqueur 16.6ml Melon liqueur or Midori 16.6ml Absinthe Method To create the layered effect start...
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Banoffee Shot

Glass Tall Shot Ingredients 16.6ml Walders Vodka & Vanilla 16.6ml Creme de banane 16.6ml Toffee vodka Method layer one at a time...
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Melon Starburst

Glass Tumbler Ingredients 25ml Walders Creamy Liqueur 15ml Melon liqueur or Midori 10ml Apple sourz 10ml Sour mix Method Shake all ingredients...
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Salsa Martini

Glass Martini Ingredients 35ml Walders Creamy Liqueur 15ml Grand Marnier 4 Pineapple Chunks 1 Slice Red Chilli 5ml Fresh Lime Method Muddle...
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Butter Pecan Martini

Glass Martini Ingredients 50ml Walders Vodka & Vanilla 12.5ml Butterscotch Schnapps 12.5ml Frangelico Method Shake all ingredients on ice. In preparation, before...
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Glass Highball Ingredients 10 MINT LEAVES (or a sprig of mint) 1 TBSP BROWN SUGAR HALF A LIME (cut into quarters) CRUSHED...
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