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Glass Tall Shot Ingredients 1/3 Kahlua 1/3 Walders 1/3 Absolut raspberry Method Layered, starting with Kahula, then Walders and finally...
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Strawberry Shot

Glass Shot Ingredients 25ml Walders 10ml Licor 43 (Vanilla liqueur) 1 Strawberry Method Muddle/shake and strain. Garnish Broken digestive biscuits

Walders Passion

Glass Tumbler Ingredients 25ml Vodka 25ml Walders 50ml Passion fruit 12.5ml Vanille syrup Crown with Chambord Crushed ice Method Shake...
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Orange twist

Glass Tumbler Ingredients 50ml Walders Orange zest Crushed ice Method Pour Walders on crushed ice. Squeeze orange zest on top....
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Strawberry Blush

Glass Martini Ingredients 4-6 fresh strawberries 50ml Walders 10ml Cherry Heering Liqueur Cubed ice Method Muddle/shake and strain Garnish Strawberry


Glass Martini Ingredients 30ml Walders 20ml Creme de Menthe (White) 25ml Milk Method Shake all ingredients with cubed ice and...
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Chocolate Martini

Glass Martini Ingredients 20ml Walders 20ml Kahlua 20ml Creme de Cacao 10ml Licor 43 (Vanilla Liqueur) 25ml Cream Method Shake...
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Walders Club

Glass Highball Ingredients 4 chunks of fresh pineapple 6-8 mint leaves 25ml Walders 25ml Whisky 12.5ml elderflower cordial Top soda...
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